How we can help you

Appletree Recruitment & Temping isn’t your average recruiting agency.

While some agencies may simply push the first applicants on file into your openings, we dedicate the time and effort to handpick candidates for your positions and make sure only the most qualified, highly motivated prospects come knocking on your doors.

When selecting the appropriate candidates for your positions, we will match every suitable candidate’s profile with your company location, culture and opportunities for advancement amongst various criteria.

We will never force the fit. If an applicant doesn’t match your needs, they’ll be immediately passed on for someone who does.

Brilliant and talent candidates come to us each day looking for the opportunity to become the star players in your organisation tomorrow. Leading employers in Malta entrust our professionals to coordinate this process, and broker exceptional long-term connections which will profit their company immensely.

Our recruiting experts will provide you with invaluable support, keeping you organised and on track in filling important posts in your organization. We ensure that your business is running at full capacity and that the best people are the ones serving your clients at all times.

As an savvy employer, you know how important it is to have a trained and motivated workforce.

Your employees are your brand champions; they are the people who every day, from 9 to 5 and beyond, act as ambassadors of your company and of the values it claims to represent.

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