Know your Strenghts

Know your Strengths  

Job satisfaction is what keeps you motivated to always deliver your utmost at work. One of the most crucial elements in finding a fulfilling job is being in tune with your skills and strengths.

Skills are to be developed and increased in the long-run, but it is important to take one step at a time and make sure that you are not out of your depth in any job you may consider. Otherwise, you will never fit in and would not be open to developing professionally.

The first step in the job-seeking process is to take some time to identify your skills.

Ask yourself: "What do I do best?", and actually write down the answers. Consider points that you feel are your strengths, be it whether you are looking for a first job or looking for a new career challenge.

Remember to take your leisure activities into account - what you do best in your free time could be an eye-opener, as it may help you realise that perhaps you need to change your career path to feel truly fulfilled in your job. 

Below are some questions to help you start on compiling your list of skills:

- Are you a problem-solver?

- Are you self-sufficient/an independent worker? (important: this does not mean that you are never expected to ask questions.)

- Do you need external motivation, or could you motivate yourself to do a task without being asked?

- Are you a team-worker?

- Are you organised?

The above are the basic skills that most companies look for in a future employee. They are not the only desirable skills and you might have others. All these could enhance your offer as job candidate. 

In the process of identifying your strengths, you may indirectly also identify some weaknesses.

This should not worry you. Weaknesses are just a part of you as are the strengths and they are also what help you keep your feet to the ground. However, a new job is always a challenge, so don't let your weaknesses dampen your attempts at taking a challenge. Remember that your strengths are more numerous than your weaknesses. 

Once you have carried out this exercise, try to think of possible jobs that may be suitable for you. But don't feel under any pressure to identify possible jobs before you come to us - part of our job is actually to help you identify the best options!

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