Who we are

Who we are

Appletree International Limited is a local company founded in 2007. The company initially focused on offering business consultancy and as it grew we expanded our operations to the three main areas we currently operate in: recruitment and temping, training and outsourcing services including marketing and marketing research.

Appletree Recruitment & Temping

Today, Appletree Recruitment & Temping offers permanent and temporary employment services, serving businesses that range from micro-enterprises up to blue-chip companies across a variety of industries in Malta.

Our team understands the importance of matching the right talent with the right company.

We are passionate about developing people’s potential to the full and empowering them to start contributing proactively to their own success in life, and that of their employer.

Appletree Recruitment & Temping is a firm believer in ethical recruiting that is built on trust, integrity and honesty from both sides.

We constantly strive to generate high levels of satisfaction in both our candidates and corporate clients by forging meaningful and rewarding long-term work relationships.

We also provide HR consultancy to newly set up companies in Malta, providing them with insights to their HR requirements and briefing them on the latest HR legislation and regulations.

Appletree Training

Developing key skills and competencies in the workforce is the surest road to achieve a positive and profitable work relationship. We can design various training and development programmes that tailored specifically to meet our corporate clients’ needs.

Appletree Outsourcing

Appletree Outsourcing enjoys an ongoing professional relationship with several well-known corporate clients in various industry sectors in Malta. We support our clients by providing outsourcing services that allow our clients to focus on their core business while entrusting the management of secondary activities to our expert team.

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